The Last Beachwalk of 2006

A cold but clear day with no wind, so my wife, daughter and two dogs set out for a big walk at noon, determined to walk all the way to the southernmost point in town by the water. This is a walk that can only be done at low tide, there is a tidal creek that needs to be crossed and at anything but lowtide the crossing can be a wet one.

Aside from the length of the walk and the great sunshine, a few standouts from the stroll.

We saw the Behlman’s out in their toy tugboat.

Found a lot of rice on the beach, indicating some lucky couple was married on the sands this morning.

Saw a lot of Canada Geese

And came home as the sun went over the bluffs to the west.

There was no sadness over this walk being the last, because tomorrow will be the first!

Full Flickr gallery here. 

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “The Last Beachwalk of 2006”

  1. Dacid, i love your FLicker Streams. have you considered a job with the Chamber of Commerce? Your photos are excellent, your vistas post card ready and your subjects mostly well thought out.
    Excellent, David.

  2. This place is indeed the Internet’s version of a prairie home companion.

    David sits in his favorite ez chair by the hearth while the rest of his loving family curls about his feet and David blogs of simplier times and simplier things, when men wore hats and women wore obedience.

    He tells tales of a Cape Cod without tourists in their hummers, before Starbucks offered the Clam-achino, when a man with a gun in his front yard hunting varmit brought the neighbors out to cheer him on, not call the cops. With his folksy style and his bow tie, Garrison, er, David tells not the tales of the Churbucks but of all of us, the Goldbergs and the Patels, the Lees and the Hernandezes. If for but a few minutes, each of us, each visitor to this magical place, is, if but for a moment, an Eli, a skuller, a writer, and a gentleman. It is his gift to us. Thank you, David.

    Happy New Year, Churbucks.

  3. oh boy, A “Clama chino” yum yum. My dad who chugged cold slimey clam juice would really go for that. nice piece Uncle Fester. I gotta get David a real varmit rifle. I can probably divert it from th elocal Guns4Tots program here in San Diego.


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