Attention Gone Amuck? Time for a Wakeup Call!

Attention Gone Amuck? Time for a Wakeup Call!

Pete Blackshaw at Buzzmetrics in ClickZ — on the aftermath of the Boston Lite Brite Incident and the continuing destruction of the old advertising model. Taken in the context of Jaffe’s Life After the 30-Second Spot, I’d say the public is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore. On the other hand, the new Chevy “take off all your clothes” ad and the Dorito winner are two examples of winning “consumer” submitted ads that are actually worth watching. I don’t. I Tivo and skip. I am on the Do Not Call list and I toss all junk mail. I also can’t remember a banner ad worth clicking on.

So what to spend our money on?

“We need more parameters in advertising. We need clarity regarding what’s reasonable and what’s not. We need more disclosure. We need to keep the chatterbacking in check.

Most important, we need to trust our own guts as consumers. Admit it, you hate advertising intrusion. It drives you crazy. We rarely answer the phone at home, and we relish the thrill of zapping ads.

Once we acknowledge that reality, we’ll find the right ad model that works for consumers and business alike. In the meantime, we must explain ourselves to an increasingly critical court of public opinion.”

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