Why pro sports suck

1. Tour de France becomes the Tour de Petri Dish
2. Barry Bonds is the human asterix
3. NBA ref bets on games. Games he officiates
4. Dog fighting NFL player
5. Mechanics cheating in NASCAR
6. Lawsuits in the America’s Cup
7. Steroids in golf

What ever happened to the ideal of non-commercial, amateur athletics? Parent-free children’s sports? Nationalism free Olympics?


Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Amen. I saw the steroids in golf thing and was surprised, but not shocked. Damn straight they need to start testing for that, and EVERYONE.

  2. David,

    Here’s an out of the box thought…

    We have separations now, Colledge & Pro Football, Minor and Major league baseball, etc, etc.

    Maybe, they need to open a new “Unlimited” league in each major sport. You can Blood Dope, you can pound ‘Roids and growth hormone untill your heart bursts. Who knows how far the human machine could be pushed if you didn’t have to hide it? Imagine 650 lb linebackers tackling… People with thighs the size of tree trunks sprinting the 100 yard track…. Ever watch the Met-RX strongest man competitions, where the contestants drag battleship anchors and chains, or stack atlas stones, drag a semi with their teeth 100 feet. That kind of stuff. Now imagine they didn’t have to test clean…

    ; )

  3. I know nothing has been proven but perhaps you should add the McLaren/Mercedes F1 engineering hoo-hah to your list…

  4. wouldn’t you think that NIKE had a tail on vick to know what he is up to while they pay him millions? NIKE knew what was going on and they don’t care. its all about the bling and until we stop going to games and buying into the hype, nothing will change.

  5. I agree with you 100%, pro sports do suck. That’s why I follow minor league teams all the way myself. I live in Dayton OH so we have a minor league baseball team, a minor league hockey team, and a minor league basketball team, so I just follow them whenever I can. Minor league games are a hell of a lot cheaper, the foods cheaper, the t-shirts are cheaper, and you get pretty much the same experience you would get out of a major league game.

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