half-day burnout prevention

I am burning out. Losing my temper, knocking hats off of people’s heads, sending flame mails without pulling a Lincoln and parking them for a few days. Too many days beginning at 6:30 am and ending at 10 pm. I have an ear callous from my headset. I am dour. I am sour.

So, following my 9:30 call, some rapid decision making on some pressing issues, I am checking the heck out for the balance of the day, Blackberry will still tether me to the brawl. At 3 pm I intend to be hiking out on the deck of Number 19 with a son or daughter next to me steering around the race course on the last Friday afternoon of July.

The rest will have to wait until Monday.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. When I was overseas my company’s European based operations went through a rather intense downsizing leaving just myself and one sales manager. This was a recipe for burnout and many times the US operations expected you to be available based on their schedule, not yours.

    To stave off the pressures and potential for burnout we decided to have a decompression Friday. Decompression Friday occurred on the last Friday of the month (today) and would consist of spending the afternoon enjoying a fine bottle of wine and some Cuban cigars and letting the calls go to voice mail. The world wasn’t going to stop turning because we weren’t going to return the call until Monday. The US based headquarters was never the wiser to it, and they never saw us burn out.

    Getting out on the water is always a good way to decompress. Good luck.

  2. Or dip it in saltwater and it’ll never bother you again. I remember one of my Dad’s buddies had to explain to Mass General how their beeper got filled with brine back in the day.

  3. well we Europeans take everthing seriously,Brian is right,
    but now living in Miami I am always in a happy mood it is Cuban style,take it easy,worry later idea,
    I am teaching autistic kids second grade after spending few long years in corporate world.I found peace finally.
    I do not use my cell after 6 ,
    on dates it is better and makes better impression that you care and respect.
    what we were doing without cell phones 15 years ago?
    I was living in china then Turkey then cyprus.
    Life was easy.
    now harder,in the new cell phones in Europe today ,they can see you where and what part of town you are in now,no privacy,

  4. Never eat lunch at your desk.
    Always take an hour for lunch.
    Make lunch a picnic.
    Find a nearby oasis; eat your lunch there.
    Leave your cellphone in the car.

    My favorite was a town park in Westborough, MA (two miles from my office) complete with birdhouses (for purple martins), a butterfly garden and a lake with swans, turtles and frogs (also a fishing spot).

    One time I was able to save a painted turtle that was crossing the road at the park entrance. It was my most meaningful accomplishment that day.

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