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Best business plan I’ve seen yet. User generated content? Hah! How about a User-Generated Company. These guys are fully engaged and have totally figured out social media marketing with an ongoing naked conversation inside of Second Life no less, where we, the users, can have a say in operations. Look for these guys to be on stage at next year’s Web 2.0 Forum.

“With the overwhelming interest in user generated content, Slikstr has taken a more integrative approach to the “wisdom of crowds” and created a company where the users themselves will be involved in the day to day operation of the business from the outset. They have posted their business plan online to allow users easy access to fundamental decisions and they have announced that they will be hosting meetings in Second Life where users will be able to voice their opinions to the companies management team. Corporate decisions made in these meetings will be binding and treated with the same respect that any directive handed down from a company’s Board of Directors would be.”

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. From their blog the CEO addresses that question:

    “The number one question that I keep hearing from people is: “What does your company actually do?” or even better “How do you plan on monetizing this?” These are very Web 1.0 questions to me-and I am not interested in that.”

    Then he links to the “text is linear” youtube video.

    I think it’s “Will Work for”…

  2. Frickin hilarious.

    If anyone actually had the guts to let the inmates run the asylum, it would certainly be a disaster but at least it would be amusing.

    This joke, of course, just isn’t that funny. It misses the bone.

    But it got you. And you’re a mean, cynical SOB. One time slip or the result of too much BS that has numbed your crap radar?

    If so, it means the tech stocks are in for a correction. Not likely. GOOG just reported $1b in income. Now worth more than $200 billion…

    holy cow

  3. “But it got you. And you’re a mean, cynical SOB. One time slip or the result of too much BS that has numbed your crap radar?”

    It was the Second Life Board Meetings that must have convinced me. Wait, you mean? They aren’t real? Really?

    No way.

    fricking Fester … go play with your dog in the park

  4. Admit it. You thought it funny. In a sarcasm kind of way.

    It’s just not. Like Michael Vick. Not funny.

    Google is worth $200 billion. $200 billion.

    That joke is soooo not funny. $200b

    Scuse me while I go build my net bubble 2.0 shelter out of money market funds and broadcast it on gootube

  5. Hey, enough out of you. Let’s return to a discussion whether or not sarcasm is possible in a blog comment string.

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