Presenting from the Acela

One of the top annoyances of working for a global company is the tendency for big conference calls to take place at 7 am and 7 pm to accommodate people’s schedules in China and the East Coast of the US. Aside from crushing my morning rowing sessions (which need to happen early because that’s when the water is flat and calm), the calls are tough because I travel a lot and tend to travel early in the morning in order to make morning meetings in North Carolina or New York.

Wednesday’s is a particularly big morning for global phone calls, and today is no exception as I have to present a big project related to the summer Olympics. I also need to be in NYC for meetings. So — no airplane as the phone doesn’t work on the Delta Shuttle, and the car is a tedious affair that doesn’t work if I need to present off of a powerpoint.

So, here I am on the Acela, somewhere west of Stamford, ready to present and the anxiety is killing me.

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