10 pieces of randomness on a Friday morning in June

The home office ….
1. Twitter is sliding ever backwards in terms of usefulness. I am about to declare it done but will continue to let it run in the background.
2. The Blog Council demonstrated some value late yesterday, but like Fight Club, I can’t talk about it. Let’s just say a good question was asked and answered.
3. New 18:200mm lens came for Uncle Fester’s Nikon D200 body loaned for the Games. As soon as the post office opens I will have 8 gigs of compact flash and a USB reader. New toys are good and now I get to take bad pictures on a more expensive camera.
4. A nasty exercise called a Walking Lunge has me feeling like I have been beaten with a 2″x4″ on my perineum.

5. Tokyo trip is coming together for July 7. I now need to insure that the team and I get to see a baseball game while there.

6. Must work on a PowerPoint to build the argument that social media team needs expansion and support. (not blogging aimlessly would help)
7. Must paint Cotuit Skiff

8. Must curse IT security policiy which restored alphanumeric password to Blackberry, thus rendering it useless while driving.

9. The simpler and more basic the goal, the more important it is. In my case — a pull up. That’s right. Hang from a bar, palms facing away, and pull myself up from a dead hang until my chin is above the bar. Second goal — jump rope for two minutes without messing up.

10.  Nice NYT piece this morning on our Olympic efforts. Wish it had mentioned more details about our Olympic blogging program, Federated Media’s involvement, but hey …..

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