The dog has discovered a herd of chipmunks has infested the grape arbor and bird feeders. All day, from dawn to dusk, the dog stands at the window and stares at the rodents. The chipmunks are now in full taunt mode. I fear for the dog. It is slowly slipping into madness. This is all it does, all day long.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. In our house we call it Bird TV … the cats sit there all day long look at the birds at the feeder and the bird bath.

  2. Our indoor cat has a particular bizarre chirping noise it makes only when it spies a rabbit outside.

    But if somehow the two ever meet in a dark alley, I’d have to put my cash on the bunny.

  3. Not quite a Yorkie, but my parents have a Cairn Terrier. Same sort of maniacal tendencies.

    I’m still chuckling thinking about it because I’ve witnessed this same sort of behavior first hand.

  4. Never send a dog to do a cat’s job. Chipmunks may be the dumbest of the rodentia clan – a good cat could clean them out in a couple days, and still have time to scratch the uphostery to shreads.

    Cats – nature’s answer to Ted Bundy.

  5. @Mark Cahill,

    I quite agree. We have 3 “outside” cats and they have brought trophies into the garage and devoured them in front of us. Even Dr. Lecter would avert his eyes from the carnage…

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