The madness that is CapeCast

Okay, it took a couple years, but I have become a fan of CapeCast, the video blog produced by Eric Williams at the Cape Cod Times (where I started my journalism career in 1980 after college).

Williams, who has a Ronco voice and a penchant for driving around the outer Cape with a video camera, wears a red and black checked Elmer Fudd coat and is fond of making up soundtracks for his digressions. The songs are usually credited to “Lovehandle”

Here he tours the impossibly ugly Forefather Monument in Plymouth and sings the “Giant Statue Song”

And here he takes us on a tour of a Quaking Bog.

This is an acquired taste.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

8 thoughts on “The madness that is CapeCast”

  1. i’m will be singing “Quaking Bog” all night. Funny local reporting needs to be rewarded. And this is very good, indeed.

    thanks buddy

  2. Eric is painfully corny most of the time, and his attempts at musical commentary are painful, but he keeps it clean, doesn’t skewer anybody unfairly, and perhaps most importantly, he has me checking in daily.

  3. I’ve been watching Capecast for 3 months now. I think Eric is hilarious! It’s like he’s a perpetual 10 year old. I send his best stuff via facebook to friends and relatives who are fond of the Cape.

  4. I’m sorry, I like the idea of CapeCast, but Eric Williams is PAINFULLY unfunny and as a representative of the Cape to those watching on the Internet makes us all look like dumb buffoons. Just deliver the reports and leave the AWFUL attempts at humor out of it. They can’t get anyone better than this guy?

  5. The Elmer Fudd look and the musical noodlings of Love Handle combine to make CapeCast as I said, an “acquired taste.” His pole dancing segment is worth seeking out only in terms of utter weirdness.

  6. Eric’s great.

    Some would say a “hoot”.

    Sure it gets a bit thick at times, but doesn’t everything?

    Eric and The Old Guy should be brought back – they were fun to listen to on WOMR.

    Where can we buy the soundtrack to “Quaking Bog” and some other LoveHandle hits?


    PS – can’t wait to read up on media, marketing and clamming strategies!

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