Take me out to the ballgame …..

As I grow old I start to look at life’s potential opportunities differently, chafing at hours spent wasted in front of the television or laptop, fretting over powerpoints that don’t get read, emails that don’t get answered, Dancing With the Celebrity Housewives in Intervention … and realize, that at any given time, there is something I could be doing that I have never done before.

Last night I did something I’ve been meaning to do for the last four years — and that was go see a Durham Bulls game. I tried once the first summer I worked in North Carolina but was rained out before the first pitch.

Goodmon Park is what the connoisseurs of the sport would call a “bandbox” of a park — a nice new  (1995) AAA league ballpark that sits like an emerald of grass in the late afternoon sun and gave me that wonderful revelatory thrill as I walked through the tunnel to the stands and saw in front of me that big green field (I get kind of religious when I emerge from the bowels of Fenway, but still, the comparisons between churches and ballparks are one of sport’s writings most tired but true cliches.)

Big bag of peanuts, four — count em — four hotdogs; a big Yuengling beer and a nice night in the Carolina summer on the third base line by the Red Sox bullpen.

Clay Bucholtz on the mound for the Pawtucket Red Sox — my home team’s AAA feeder. And Scot Kazmir rehabbing for the Tampa Bay Rays — last season’s arch rivals (we had an epic bench clearing brawl).

Bucholtz left the game early, falling behind, and by the end of the nine innings the Bulls had won, 3-1, breaking a long losing streak.

Just  a nice night, well spent, with a good friend, a lot better than four hours weeding emails in a hotel room.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

8 thoughts on “Take me out to the ballgame …..”

  1. Well done. I am a huge fan of Minor League ball. But, hey — when did Durham and Pawtucket get relegated to AA?

  2. Awesome. I too love the fenway experience but it’s getting out of hand expensive. Ever been to see Pawtucket in Pawtucket? I have not but wonder if it’s a good time to rival your Durham adventures.

    ps How did the kid look? When are they going to bring him up?

  3. Life is too short for powerpoints & e-mails 24/7. Same goes for forums and blogs. *cough* MarkH *cough* 😉

  4. Missed an “A” there Charlie — good catch.

    Aaron – never been to Pawtucket. Let’s make a date and catch a game there.

    Tim – Mark was the man.

  5. My first live baseball experiences were with my Dad watching the Angels in LA when they were a minor league team playing in what I remember as a very rickety wooden stadium in LA near the Farmer John meat packing plant yards. To my young eyes the crisp green of the field and chrome white of the fresh lined diamond and sharp sound of an ash bat against a ball was enough magic to overpower the stench of mass porcine death nearby.Besides, besting my father in a bet and eating the hot dog winnings was pure heaven when i was 7.
    Jim Forbes

  6. Dave — you ever do Pawtucket let me know. I would make the trek with the boys for that experience.

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