5 thoughts on “T&A and PCs”

  1. David,

    I must commend your dilligence in monitoring of competitor digital marketing efforts.

    Maybe they can make these into calendar format and send out to PC repair shops so Techs can pin them up over their repair bench ala automotive “tool girl” pin ups you see in the back areas of car garages?

    A few of these, especially the cropped top and the tribute to Sharon Stone in that police interrogation scene in ‘Basic Instinct’ seem to really push the boundaries a bit.

    Maybe their marketing teams hung out at NOPI instead of F1 events for inspiration?


  2. So how do you sell hardware to a predominately male audience in a down economy. direct and indirect sex appeal, laddies.
    Oh Matco, Snap-On and the other onsite tool sales companies do very nicely when it comes to sales.
    The PC economy is one of the few segments that seems to dismiss T&A advertising. It’s an interesting paradox, mostly male audiences dismissing female models because: “It’s not been done in this market!”
    Perhaps some of the marketing managers need to go to a drag strip sometime. Pulchritude can increase brand awareness.
    Do not deny your testosterone, young men.
    Power to the Y chromosone!
    Jim Forbes

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