Whereabouts in the land of the One-Eyed Man

Looks like I am grounded for a while. A migraine headache on Friday morning turned into near total blindness in my left eye. Today the diagnosis at Mass Eye & Ear was not great. My retina is detached and I will need surgery sometime soon to attempt to repair it.

So …. We shall see. Apparently extreme myopia and cataract surgeru combine to make these things a big risk and I came out on the wrong end of the odds. I’m still cranking on the right eye and shouldn’t miss any work, but judging from the description of the likely surgical procedure, the recovery could be a little inconvenient.

Therefore — whereabouts the next few weeks is likely to be home and little else. Sigh.

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12 thoughts on “Whereabouts in the land of the One-Eyed Man”

  1. That’s not something you see every day. Best wishes for a speedy recovery David.

  2. Wow, I’m really sorry to hear that Dave. You haven’t had the best run of luck health wise. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  3. David,

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune – I get queasy just thinking about someone poking around my eye. Best wishes for good drugs, great doctors and a speedy recovery as well.


  4. David,

    Very sorry to hear that you have to go through this, but you are in the best of hands at Mass Eye & Ear.

    My college roomate sustained a detached retina in a hockey accident and feared that he’d lose this Army commission (he was ROTC) because of the injury. He was operated on at Mass Eye & Ear and although he never became a Ranger, he had a full career in the Army, including action in the first Gulf War.

    We’ll keep you in our thoughts.

  5. thanks guys
    Call me Captain Morgan for the time being. Mass Eye and Ear will have it under control. And it’s not like I land planes for a living.

  6. So sorry to hear about the health issue. I hope that everything turns out well and that you have a speedy recovery.

  7. Oh wow dude. Sorry to hear of your medical misfortune. Getting older sucks anyway. Do they have Seeing Eye Clams on the Cape?

    get well

  8. Bummer! Peter had surgery for a detached retina 18 mos ago and he had had cataract surgery before too (his doctor said 1% of cataract surgeries result in a detached retina later on…you guys beat the odds). They rushed Peter into surgery the day after it was diagnosed; he’s surprised they’re waiting to do yours. He saw Dr Heier at Mass Eye & Ear and recommends him. The recovery is a bitch if they use the method where they inject a gas bubble behind your repaired retina to hold it in place while it heals — you’ll have to keep you face down for at least a week in order to preserve the bubble. There is special equipment you can rent to hold your head still and down while you sleep and eat. We highly recommend ordering it in advance so it’s there when you get home from the clinic.

  9. Thanks Jan. Can you email me Peter’s phone number I need some coaching. I am off to see Dr. Mukai at 2 pm today.
    They considered putting me in the OR on Sunday after diagnosing the issue but I fear the damage is pretty bad and the time to have acted was three weeks ago. When the two doctors went into deep opthamologist geek talk and began to talk about “horseshoe tears/involvement of the macula/debris/and damage to the arcades” – well I guess I will learn more today.

  10. keeping my hands’ digits oriented perpindicularly and thinking good thoughts ,matey
    post pix of you with an eye patch please.

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