Random flight to China thoughts

Basically 24 hours from the time I woke up on Cape Cod to the time I pulled into the Crowne Plaza Zhongguancun in Beijing.

Read all of Linda Greenlaw’s “All Fishermen are Liars”
Read most of Stephen Johnson’s “Best Technology Writing of 2008”
Watched part of Pixar’s “Big”
Started “Final Voyage” by Peter Nichols about the Arctic whaling fishery

Trudged through dozens of powerpoints.

Slept about an hour or two — hence now feel like the usual POS — but passed the heat sensor test on the way in and was not administered a thermometer like I was in August.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

3 thoughts on “Random flight to China thoughts”

  1. What the hell is Pixar’s “Big”?

    You mean “UP”

    One of the best movies ever made. How could you not have finished it.

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