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Okay, I’ve had it. Four years of Blackberry and I really want a true smartphone. iPhone, Droid, Nexus — anything but this godawful enter-your-password Lotus Notes belching, horrible web browser, crippled App Store functionality Blackberry.

I need Global GSM. So that means T-Mobile or AT&T. I may downgrade the Blackberry to an email only device and move my cell number to an Android……

But which? I hate touch screens as I have sausage fingers. Droid is a Verizon product. …..

Author: David Churbuck

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8 thoughts on “Google Shopper for Android”

  1. i’m not exactly Mavis Beacon here, but the iPhone is more than sufficiently navigable for me. i would have recommended it over the Android alternatives, but the recent introduction of multi-touch on to that platform evens things even further. unless one’s a big Mac person, of course, which you are not. Droid’s out, b/c it’s a) Verizon and thus b) CDMA, which breaks your global GSM req.

    so i’d look at it from a carrier perspective. you’re probably going to be picking from the NexusOne or an iPhone. if AT&T’s better for you, you don’t want the NexusOne b/c 3G won’t work. if TMobile’s better, you can’t – legally, anyway – get an iPhone.

    the tiebreaker for me, assuming the network’s were interchangeable, would be MLB’s At Bat application, which only runs (so far on the iPhone). it’s the single best software purchase i’ve made.

    imagine being able to walk around, say, Beijing and listen to the Red Sox game. it’s awesome.

  2. Dave with two caveats– sluggish system performance and my wish that Android would generate large text “voice mail waiting” messages on screen as soon as they’re left– I like the T-Mo G One. I too have fat fingers,yet I can use the phone easily.

  3. I’m waiting for the “Windows Phone 7 Series” to launch end of year, but that’s a long time to wait in tech.

  4. The Iphone is the winner in my book. Most real enterprise apps come out there first, and the smartphone is all about the applications.

    2nd vote for the MLB at Bat app…and a vote for the Itunes integration.

  5. I find myself in a similar position.

    -iPhone: I hate the thing. Wife owns one (a gift) and it sucks in batter y life and phone (voice) performance.
    -Nexus One: I feel really intrigued by this one. Big caveat is that they don’t have nowhere near as many developers building goodies as the iPhone has, but I think it will get there, eventually.
    -Nokia: n97 mini and n900: This look good in my book as well, but the app store and app development ecosystem are crippled. Pretty much as RIM’s is. That might change since Symbian has now been fully released as Open Source. Regarding Maemo, I’ve hear people both LOVE it and HATE it. The best thing about Nokias is: REAL keyboards.

    That being said, I think you should go test a couple of devices for at least a week (if you can pull that). A smartphone is a very personal device and what works for one guy sucks for the next one.

  6. 2 PS’s

    @Tim S.: Windows Mobile? Really? Why would you inflict such pain onto your self.

    PS2: Neither the N900 nor the Nexus work in Argentina with our current Carriers… That will be eventually fixed, but that might be the case on various GSM-only countries.

  7. After Verizon bought out Alltel and service on my side of town went into the toilet, I bought an iPhone. I’ve had it now for about 5 months, and I simply love it. I have excellent AT&T service in my area, and it seems that no matter what I want to do with it “there’s an app for that”. Most of the ones that I use were free, and I’ve had to buy only a handful.

  8. I’m in the iphone camp as well. Amazing device and I’m just not sure how I got along without it. While I do not travel often I find the google maps implementation to be quite the bee’s knees. If I’m looking for a restaurant, coffee shop, or the exit to the airport it does it all. If only it was capable of full enterprise integration while separating personal contacts and calendar I would call it perfect. I use RSS syndication quite a bit to keep on goings on around the globe and have been known to catch up with At Bat during long meetings. I dropped my corporate blackberry curve for an iphone and won’t look back.

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