Whereabouts 3.1-3.7

Monday 3.1 – Cotuit to Raleigh
Tuesday 3.2-Thursday 3.4 – Raleigh
Friday 3.5- Sunday 3.7 – Cotuit

Back to Raleigh to present budgets and proposals, back to Cotuit where spring is arriving and boat work beckons. A return to Raleigh the following week — very quick flipturn visit — then the balance in Cotuit.

No international stuff looming. Passport is getting a Brazilian visa, but nothing is on the books. I’ve confirmed vacation for the last two weeks of May to fetch daughter from her term in Italy.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

5 thoughts on “Whereabouts 3.1-3.7”

  1. The fetching of daughter from Italy should be an interesting turn for 52 churches. Adding St. Paul, plus one of the smaller churches in Rome would be a masterful stroke…

  2. Well, you would think so, except my Francophile travel companion wants out Italy at all possible haste and prefers to tour France and Spanish — where she can speak the language.

    St. Paul’s would be a big addition to the church project. A real big addition.

  3. Take one day in Rome. You can walk from the Coliseum, through many of the important ruins, then hope a cab at the City Hall to St. Peters, walking back into Rome after to see the Trevi Fountain, walk up the Spanish steps then head off for well deserved cocktails. I’ve done it…the best walk I’ve ever taken.

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