Salazar approves Cape wind farm

Is the arguing over the Cape wind farm over? I doubt it. Let the lawsuits begin. The Feds blessed the decade-old project today, but the Wampanoags are claiming interference with sunrise worship and ancient-once-dry-burial-grounds. I am in favor of it by the way. Here is my post from 2007 when I changed my mind.

From the Cape Cod Times:

“US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar approved the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm today, a move proponents herald as a giant leap forward and opponents decry as a dangerous misstep.

“His approval is the culmination of nearly a decade of review by local, state and federal agencies of the plan to build 130 wind turbines on Horseshoe Shoal in the Sound.”

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Update: a day later the Cape Cod Times demotes the windmills in favor of local hero Siobhan Magnus.

Boston Sports Blogapalooza

Thanks to Joe Gill at Boston Sports Then and Now for hosting Boston’s sports bloggers at the Fenway Tavern this coming Sunday for the Boston Sports Blogapalooza. I was connected to Joe by Tim Daloisio at CBS Interactive (and excellent Red Sox blogger) so as a result Lenovo is a sponsor and providing an S-10 netbook for the raffle as well an hour’s worth of open bar tab (the latter will probably set off a financial crisis on my corporate American Express rivalling the Greek bond meltdown).

I am going to try to be there in person, but a combination of feeble excuses may keep me on the Cape this weekend before heading to Raleigh at the delightfully early hour of 4 am on Monday.

I am a big fan of the sports blog genre, particular Red Sox related ones, and wish I had the chops to maintain one myself. I guess there’s a niche open as the Cotuit Kettleer’s unofficial blogger, but it’s enough for me to feed this one and I just don’t have the time.

Here’s the one’s I read:

  • Codball – covering the Cape Cod Baseball League with an excellent podcast (remind me to revise my Kettleer’s “prospectus” lots of roster changes)
  • Surviving Grady – my long time favorite and generally off the wall irreverent
  • Wicked Clevah – Stephen O’Grady’s very incisive data analysis look at the Sox

That’s only the blogs. Add in my reading of Baseball America, the Society of American Baseball Research stuff, Baseball Prospectus newsletters, meanderings through the world of southern AAC college and AA/AAA minor leagues, and I am pretty much a hopeless baseball geek who only draws the line at NO fantasy league stuff. I just don’t have the time. As it is I estimate I watch or listen to four full ball games per week, subscribe to the full MLB package on DirectTV, MLB mobile on my Blackberry, and webcasts on my ThinkPad. I have issues.

So try to make it to  Boston Sunday, have a drink and a chance at a netbook on Lenovo.

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