Head of the Charles Mayhem

Row2K points to this awesome video shot from the Princeton Heavyweight Men’s eight during the Championship Eight event at this fall’s Head of the Charles Regatta. This gives a great sense of what it is like to row at full speed in an elite boat — and the crash with the U. Penn eight is pretty awesome to watch too. You can hear the Princeton coxswain warn the Penn boat out of the way, call for a sprint to pass, and then blam! Chaos.  I miss big boat rowing, sculling alone doesn’t have anything close to the exhilaration of rowing with eight other people at full speed. Maybe next year, I just got off the water here in Cotuit, rowing solo around the bay in my single, trying to get into fighting shape and work through a shoulder injury.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

7 thoughts on “Head of the Charles Mayhem”

  1. Awesome vidi. It also shows the futility of yelling “move”. You need to say where. I witnessed a similar situation in Women’s GMS. The passer kept shouting “to the shore”, apparently forgetting that there are two. They both went right through the buoys toward Newell, into a set of Alumni Eights heading to their start. No injuries, I assume.


    1. Definitely – rehabbing a torn rotator cuff but that doesn’t have any negative impact on my rowing — just my ability to carry a shell overhead. Will put in an entry for the singles and see what happens.


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