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Not sure what all the fuss is about Amazon’s granting anyone who with an Amazon account a free five gigs of storage for their music. I’ve been storing music in my Dropbox account for three years. But what is very cool about the service is the integration with Amazon’s MP3 store — a fine alternative to Apple’s iTunes — and the uploaded app that plows through an iTunes library and can transfer it out of that ugly file management hell to the cloud where it is truly device independent.


So I signed up, downloaded the uploader, let it scan my music, selected a few albums and move them up to the cloud where I can now play them on any Android device or through any PC web browser (not sure if I can play music on my iPad via Safari and the web player… nope, Safari pukes on Amazon, imagine that).

The five gigabytes are free, and if you buy an album from Amazon you get upgraded to 20 gb — which is a decent amount of free storage — for one year (after which it reverts to the original 5).

The catch is that Amazon reserves the right to go through your files, so uploading a stack of crappy MP3s you downloaded from Napster is not a wise idea. I put my paid purchases from iTunes up there and for once I can listen to my music on something other than the single PC that holds the library or the device that is synched to that PC.

God bless the cloud. Google is allegedly working on the same concept – not a surprise — and we certainly would have had an easier time with the late Skylight project which really desperately needed a music source. This ends my mixed affair with iTunes at last.


Author: David Churbuck

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