The American Rite of Adulthood…

…has to be one’s first solo drive of a car with a brand new driver’s license and no freaked-out-floormat-stomping parent in the passenger seat criticizing every turn, stop, and move.

My son drove off this morning to school by himself — ending 12 years of morning routine — and as the tail lights vanished down Main Street I had a vision of a naked Maasai boy wrestling a lion with his bare hands.

But snapped out of it and immediately wondered what would happen to my insurance premium.

Anyway …. the incessant round trips to lacrosse practice, SAT prep, etc. etc. are over.


Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

6 thoughts on “The American Rite of Adulthood…”

  1. You’ll have to give Fisher the ‘Maxwell Chibundu’ fake ID, so he can pick up orders from the “Cotuit Liquor Landing’ this summah’ for his wicked- evil uncles!

  2. fading taillights are a harbinger of Jake and Elwood’s forthcoming roadtrips.
    Cue the music: the boys are on a Mission from G*D

  3. Driver’s licenses are one thing. It’s getting the car that’s the problem.

  4. My parents are going through the same thing with my sister. I’m already plotting to get her an Android phone so we can connect it to the car via Bluetooth and use an app to auto-disable texting/web while the car is on.

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