Cotuit Oyster Company

Great profile of Cotuit’s oldest clam company. I love the final paragraph which sums up why we need to encourage more aquaculture and be less concerned with McMansion waterfront rights.

“And the oysters are actually good for the ecosystem, each filtering as many as 50 gallons of water a day and removing nitrogen. The bivalves’ combined effect, says Gargiulo, is like removing 100 houses with septic systems from the waterfront.”

via Splendid Through the Centuries – Cape Cod Life Online.



Author: David Churbuck

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One thought on “Cotuit Oyster Company”

  1. Nothing is more annoying than hearing about another waterfront homeowner complaining about an aquaculture operation “spoiling the view” or “disturbing their quiet enjoyment”. Your property right ends at the high tide mark, get used to it or move inland because the rest of us would like some bivalves.

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