Going mobile at Churbuck.com

I finally practiced the advice I preach to clients — Design for Mobile First, The Browser is Dead — and installed a plug-in for this blog which should make it much more smartphone and tablet friendly.

I used WPTouch Pro from BraveNewCode. Spent $40 bucks and now the site looks a lot nicer on my ‘droid.

I’ll mess with it some to get things customized, but at least it’s readable.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

2 thoughts on “Going mobile at Churbuck.com”

  1. The better way to handle mobile now is by using responsive design. CSS3 allows us to target specific screen widths for presentations using the @media variable.

    More over, with the Ipad’s retina display, we now need to look at offering increased pixel density for that device.

    If you were to look at doing a new design for any site now, I’d strongly suggest it ought to consider all the devices. The WPTouch (which I use on allthingscahill is a good solution if you don’t redesign everything.

    We’ve kind of ended up back where we came from: designs for specific devices (remember the old Netscape vs. IE wars?). I blogged about it on my new company site here http://cahilldigital.com/web-design/welcome-to-retina-stan

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