In a boat

I needed to undo the indignity inflicted on the poor dog by my wife and daughter and show her in her true element as a true seadog. My friend Pieter took this as we came ashore on Tuesday afternoon after we retrieved the big boat from her storm mooring and got the motorboat ( riding at her anchor in the background). The light had just peeked out from underneath the overcast as it dropped to the west and lit up everything with a strange golden glow.


by Pieter Burgess

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

5 thoughts on “In a boat”

  1. A dog needs her man, and that looks as it should. Now, give her a splash in the briny to get rid of that perfumy smell. A dog should smell like a dog — she’ll be happier and so will all of us.

  2. What kind and size mooring/or anchor held your small boat in the storm? I’m assume the big boat was connected to two tons of mushroom shaped anchor.

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