Social commerce bites the dust, Mobile Rising

Check out this great IBM report on Black Friday ecommerce discovered by Uncle Fester who gleaned it from Business Insider. It yields some interesting takeaways to digest this Cyber Monday.

  • Conversions are way up on online stores at 4.58%. That’s visitors who actually checkout and buy something. Up 9% from last year.
  • Mobile is a significant force. 16% of online sales came from mobile, up from 10% last year. And mobile devices accounted for 24% of traffic.
  • iPads delivered 10% of online commerce traffic. Damn.

How badly does Social media suck in driving commerce referrals?

  • Facebook delivered 0.68% of all Black Friday sales. Less than 1%.
  • Twitter? To quote Business Insider:  “A couple of years ago, people were excited about Twitter’s potential as a commerce platform, too. But Twitter’s impact on ecommerce, it seems, is zero. Not basically zero. Zero.”


Author: David Churbuck

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