Fox Island for sale.

I saw a piece in the Wall Street Journal that a private island is on the market in Osterville, the town to the east of Cotuit. Called “Fox Island” I had never heard of it before so I went digging. Based on the WSJ description of it having waterfront on North Bay and a dock in Dam Pond, I guess it is the gorgeous and wild neck of land at the eastern shore of the entrance to Prince’s Cove. Purchased for $400,000 in the 1970s the place is on the market for nearly $9 million, which I consider actually a bargain, but then again I’m not putting in an offer any time soon. I cruised by the spot earlier this week as I delivered the sailboat to the boat ramp at Prince’s Cove Marina. I’ve fished the beach there in the spring for monster striped bass which come up inside the estuary chasing the herring making their way into the Mills River herring run. It’s an awesome little gem of a spot with ospreys and blue herons. I never knew it had a name, but now I do.




Author: David Churbuck

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4 thoughts on “Fox Island for sale.”

  1. Lee Remick was to the south, outside of the highlighted area, with the dock protruding into North Bay.

  2. Yes indeed — Ms. Remick’s house was as described and I always wondered how in the world a septic system could be approved for that location since it seemed to be almost at sea level. I fondly remember wading the shallows with viewing box and and net in that area back in the days when there were bay scallops to be harvested. Alas, no more.

  3. I think that used to belong to one of the Davis brothers (Nathanial?). We called the place “pneumonia heaven” because the stone house was so friggin’ cold.

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