5 thoughts on “Sailboat sinks after collision off Nantucket”

  1. Of minor local interest: Winnie of Bourne was commissioned for John Parkinson, uncle of our old buddies Robo and Nat of Cotuit. I got to board her once, my first real contact with a Concordia yawl, and have been a great admirer of the class ever since. A great loss, as you said, a true work of art…

  2. Winnie of Bourne was restored to perfection by my dear friend, gifted boat builder and former roommate Peter Gallent. He sold her to the current owners. He feels the boat will be repaired and a true work of art will sail on.

    1. Much as I drool and think to myself “hey, it’s not like I’d be buying Paul Allen’s yacht” — it dawned on me that owning a vintage Concordia means paying a good boatyard a TON of money each and every year to keep her pretty. I’m guessing you’d be staring at ….$10K a year. At least.

      Still, it would be worth it if money wasn’t an issue. Life is too short to sail fugly sailboats.

  3. David, could be that much, or more or less. From experience growing up on wood boats of this size and larger, a lot of the cost is determined by how much maintenance you do yourself, expected and unexpected capital improvements, and where your capital improvements are done (NYC versus Maine versus Thailand, for example). Of course, the integrity of the boat you start out with makes a huge difference as well, and how hard you sail it, or need it to sail.

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