3 thoughts on “Squirrels Eating Pizza”

  1. After years of fighting with Cotuit squirrels at our bird feeders we finally gave up and just fed them too . They are the only animal with a larger relative brain weight than humans and to smart and determined for us . Brain weight as a percentage of body weight : squirrel 2.2 , human 2.1 , dolphin 1.0 , gorilla 0.24 and chimpanzee 0.55 . Don’t think red squirrels are quite as smart !

  2. Do sruirrels prefer one type or brand of pizza over others? I’ve relocated 12 so far this year to anabandoned grove with three water points about one half mile away. I trap them. bungee cord the tarped trap to the back of my quad, drive in circlesand pray they don’t remember where I liev and come seeking revenge.
    Nice meme, buddy.

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