Bye-bye, Nando — a piece of Internet history

Bye-bye, Nando — a piece of Internet history This is the season for a lot of tenth anniversaries for online journalism. 1995 was when the first serious HTML based news services launched — Pathfinder (I think HotWired was out in late 94), WSJ, Forbes, and one of the granddaddies of online news — NANDO.


Steve Yelvington writes:

"Over time, Nando evolved into the first serious, professional news site on the World Wide Web — long before CNN, MSNBC and other followers — and one of the nation’s first commercial dialup Internet services providers. When the McClatchy Co. bought the News and Observer in 1995, Nando’s Internet savvy was thought to be a major factor (although the newspaper itself turned out to be a very smart buy)."

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