The Amazon.Com Customer Service Page

The Amazon.Com Customer Service Page 

 Customer service hacks? Pissed off at Amazon, want to vent? Good luck finding their customer service phone number. Unless you visit this page.

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  1. Recently I used a $25. gift certificate ti order three books. The books came to $25.07 including shipping. You charged one book to the gift certificate and the other two books to my visa, obviously because I had exceeded the $25. limit by a measly .07 cents. Is this the way you operate ? Is this the way you treat a return customer ? Please refund the $19.91 balance shown on my account and close my account. I don’t want to do business with you any longer. Ted Rose 278 Hillside Av Arlington Ma 02476 The order # for the purchases is 102-2058278-4396925. I would appreciate a reply

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