Rat update …

The Weekend of the Rat Continues … Day Two update
First, I am not a gun owner in the firearm sense of the word, but I do have a brother who is a former Green Beret who is an avid gun owner and was more than well equipped to help me with the rat in the rose bushes. While a .50 caliber Barrett Sniper rifle is uncalled for, this Walther Nighthawk, gas powered pellet pistol with “red-dot” scope is proving to be quite the anti-rat weapon of destruction.

I was at the window overlooking the rodent hang-out this morning, doing some email and drinking coffee when the brown monster emerged from its den and went for a piece of sweaty provolone. I slowly picked up the Walther, thumbed off the safety, turned on the scope, got the red on Willard’s back, and BANG, hit it, made it squeal most rat-like, and then it fled through the flower beds, me trying to smack it with a second shop. So, there is now a wounded rat somewhere on the premises. Given its morning activity levels, I am going for it in a big way tomorrow.

My wife has moved into a deranged Annie Oakley mode where she’s talking in a West Virginian accent (she lived there for two years when she was a toddler) and plinking tin cans in the garden with my vast arsenal of pellet guns.

Day One …

Rat reappeared during morning coffee. I went into sniper mode but had to drive junior to work, leaving my wife to play Annie Oakley. I come home. She’s “hit it” but it ran away. Now we’re at DEFCON 1 and waiting …. I need to take the morning off to get a “bone scan” — radioactive dye, etc. to see where the fractures are in my neck. Then to the bike shop to get an accounting of the cash I’ve squandered on my cycling habit so I can get a new set of wheels. So endeth the Cotuit-phase with a return to RTP next week. Rat must be exterminated before then.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. Want me to come out in my leather jerkins, coon skin hat abd bring along my trusty subsonic plinker?

    Remember, there’s a right gun for every purpose. And don’t forget to donate to our charitable foundation,”Guns4Tots.”

  2. i told you there was the right gun for the right job!
    how bout I send you a sack of voles and gophers to practice on?

    emember donate today to Guns4Tots.

  3. Rats!? Is that all you’ve got?

    Try 10 pound ravens with wingspans the size of a small cadillac — dive bombing my dogs (and plucking hair from their backs) as well as me and my children. That’s what I was faced with.

    Turns out the damned aviary demons were protected in the state in which I *used* to live, but that did not deter me from an approach not unlike yours. Let’s take an inventory of the raw firepower that was available:

    * HK SP89 submachine pistol (too loud, 2×15 round banana clips were, er, “overkill.”)
    * HK SAR 8 sniper rifle — nice if I needed to take them out at 200 yards
    * Assorted 9mm, .40cal pistols — see #1 above
    * Benelli M3 Super 90 – Damned fun, but 8 rounds of turkey shot spread across the neighbors
    yards would be frowned upon.
    * Angel Paintball marker — 16 balls a second would be damned fun, but then i’d have bright-
    blue, glow in the dark ravens dive bombing me in a very aggravated manner

    Went to the local gunnery. He set me up with something with the same muzzle velocity as a
    .22 but didn’t have the powder-actuated issues:

    .177 air rifle with AIM-5 DOT scope and model 100 HK laser duct taped onto the scope mount.

    Nothing says satisfaction like downing the leader of the pack from 25 yards. Now my dogs
    won’t be members of the hair club for canines…

    You might want to check out what happens when a .50 cal rifle performs an attitude adjustment on a prarie dog?




  4. Hi, did the red dot scope take musch setting up (i.e. zeroing) and the silencer looks very big, does it work ? suspect it should be super quite.
    reason for questions is that I am thinking of buying one ! Cheers

  5. Haha, awesome. Can’t wait to know what happens to the rat.

    Growing up in South America, my then 22-year old brother had a similar problem. Except the concept of pellet guns does not exist down there. Needless to say, the rat got shot with a Glock.

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