What is the Wikipedia business model?

Wikipedia’s Chief: Don’t Quote Us

 From BusinessWeek this morning:

"About how many people use and contribute to Wikipedia? The number I like to talk about is the number of very active editors — those that do the bulk of the work. As of October, there were about 1,850 for the English version of Wikipedia, and 4,573 worldwide. We don’t know how many unique users visit the site because we’re lame and don’t keep track of it — we don’t sell advertising, so we don’t have to. But we get about 2.5 billion page views per month."

Okay, great site, I like it, I think it represents the best example of the avalanche, but how the hell is it subsidized? Is there any revenue model here? No way Jimbo, a former trader, is going to pay the ISP bills out of charity. 

Author: David Churbuck

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