North Carolina

Arrived Sunday night on Southwest with the realization that at $75, the fare made the flight cheaper than a train, indeed, making Southwest essentially a bus with wings. No complaints here.

Day two in the Research Triangle coming to a close with a new X41 Thinkpad. Always nice to unwrap a new PC. Someone needs to come up with an easy transfer system — especially for moving browsers and extensions, etc. etc. over without a hitch. Six hours in, and I still have a stack of stuff to install and move over.

That said, total FNG experience I am living in, trying to remember names, figure out passwords, find the printer, the men’s room, the coffee, and then returning in the evening to the throughly depressing extended stay suite in Cary, NC.

Will blog more in the days to come.  Cell is the way to best find me, that or the usual emails.


Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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