Got to meet Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion today

Kind of cool to walk into a meeting a little late, and the first person to stand up and shake my hand is someone who has been in my blogroll for over a year — Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion and Edelman.

Steve Rubel

I went totally blogger gaga — “I know you. I read you. You’re A-List man.”  My colleagues were taken aback I think.

Okay … to hell with the K2 theme ….

The verb of the last two months around this blog has been “to bone” — as in, “Dave is a sucker for new versions of software which he is incapable of installating, configuring, and debugging, and hence his blog, and readers, get “boned.”

K2 — the theme from Michael Heilemann, the designer who gave us Kubrick (which alone, given that Kubrick is my favorite director and man who deserved donations from the public so he could make more Kubrick movies, endeared me to Heilemann and his theme and hence his new theme) — was an utter disaster. It came down to exposing my ignorance of CSS (cascading style sheets for my fellow ignoramuses) and life is too hectic right now for me to dick around with an O’Reilly manual in my lap learning about div tags.

So, when Chris Murry at, emailed today to say he had switched themes, I did the same and was done with it.