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Tom Glocer op eds in the FT about the role of MSM in a citizen journalism world. Good points, now let’s see Reuters put it into action. Sample suggestions I would make are:

1. Make all content bloggable — no cost walls, no reg walls

2. Make photographs, charts, maps, and other graphics bloggable under fair use. No server side blocks.

3. Initiate tagging on all Reuter’s stories

4. Open a contribute function to permit citizen journalists to upload their contributions adjacent to the “professional content”

Borgy101 – Nothing to see here.

Borgy101 – Nothing to see here.

Todd Borglund, the acerbic wit of CXO Media, and manager of production services, has launched a blog. When we were trialing a new blog system at CXO in the 4th quarter, the Borgy Blog was a personal favorite, but since it was hidden in a sandbox, the world was spared such great posts as the guy who sued Home Depot because some glued his butt to a toilet seat.

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