The Cathedral of Golf

Wow. Sitting in Atlanta after spending the morning strolling the azalea-bedecked fairways and greens of Augusta National at the 2006 Masters. All I can say is: Epic. Believe me, I am not a member of the golf lifestyle, but the sheer beauty of the setting, the intensity of the competition, and most of all the purity of the event — no commercial saturation, no cell phones, I was even asked to peel the label off my bottle of water before entering the course.

I spent three hours following John Daly, the large power golfer, and that was pretty cool. The day before, as a guest of Ziff Davis Publishing (my alma mater from the days of PC Week) I played my first round of golf since 1995, lost four balls and complete track of my score, but my teammates were forgiving, I remembered most of the rules, and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the Georgia sunshine.

On my way back to Cape Cod, now, trying to replicate with my Notes database to see what emails I’ve missed.

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