Update to Part Ten – Chatfield project

I’ve transcribed the account of General Newton’s failed attack on St. Marks — the Battle of Natural Bridge.

Here’s a photo from the civilwaralbum.com showing the bay where Capt. Chatfield disembarked troops for the battle.

This is a view of Apalachee Bay from the base of the St. Marks Lighthouse. Union ships anchored offshore here during the Civil War to enforce the blockade and Southern blockade runners also slipped through these waters from time to time. In March of 1865, Union transports moved toward shore here and ran aground while trying to land troops. The entire operation was observed by Confederate pickets stationed at the lighthouse and took so long to accomplish that Southern forces were able to organize and call in reinforcements in time to defeat the Federal expedition at the Battle of Natural Bridge on March 6, 1865. Confederate reports describe stormy weather in the days leading up to the battle, so the view offshore probably looked very similar to this. Early in the war the Confederates built a battery at about this spot, but withdrew the guns. The structure was later shelled and destroyed by the Union Navy. No trace remains”

Here’s some links to The Battle of Natural Bridge

Harbingers of Spring – Part II

You have new Picture Mail!

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What could be finer than a warm Easter Sunday and the first striped bass of the year? Cousin Peter, my daughter, and dog Ned putt-putted up into Prince’s Cove and caught (and released of course) two nice shiny stripers.

I caught nothing, but I had one on for a second.

Then a quick walk on Dead Neck before returning home for the Easter Feast.

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