Taking Advantage Of Technology – How to make an M80

I-Hacked.com Taking Advantage Of Technology – How to make an M80

Who says the internet makes you stupid? Here’s step-by-step instructions for making those infernal devices that made many a 4th of July a grand time around the Churbuck household in the 60s and 70s. I can remember my father standing in the middle of the yard launching cherry bombs into the woods with a tennis racket. The dog picked up one of his misses and miraculously it didn’t go off.

“With summer on its way, it is time to start preparing for celebrating our independance… Yes I am talking about making your own M-80s! Warning, this is for information use only, don’t actually follow these instructions. They are completely illegal to own, build, and for the love of god shoot off.”

My brothers, cousins and I are all afflicted with genetic pyromania. My father was a chemistry major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Whoopie-Tech) who taught us how to make contact explosives (ammonium iodide), lent us his textbook on elementary pyrotechnics, and even pointed us at some mailorder sources for our experiments. No fingers were lost or eyes blinded. It’s been a long time since we’ve had the police come visit, so we must be getting tamer in our old age. While recalling past 4th of Julys the other day, I mentioned I had found this M80 recipe and everyone wanted a link, so …. for informational purposes only. Here you go.

And this place looks useful too ….

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  1. From ihacker:
    “Keep in mind that assembling and even possessing such a device is illegal and considered a very serious offense unless you are licensed to do so. Exploding fireworks have caused more injuries that any other type, mainly resulting from improper use. The explosive force generated can easily remove fingers from the hand or send flying particles into the eye causing permanent blindness. As tempting as it may be to do, never light one of these and throw it. There have been many recorded cases of defective fuse causing the firework to explode someone’s hand. Exploding fireworks are not toys and should only be handled by adults licensed to do so.
    Always set the firework on the ground (with no obstructions around), light fuse and get away.”

  2. I like the simplicity but all but powder can also be obtained from a site: http://www.cannonfuse.com and the powder I you can use is blackpowder from a gunstore. For sealing I like the LOC TiTE waterproof cement for it’s sealing ability. Cannonfuse has tubes the approximate size of 1/3 stick of Dyno-Might!! if you want some help in your fishing expeditions and they sell their fuse in a variety of effects (Sparkling, hissing, quick, slow, rope turned into fuse that takes all day to burn, etc.) So there is more to your 4th and celebrations and some more shopping options. Of course this is for educational purposes only and hypothetical theorizing of how to build this virtual firecracker.

  3. I’m so pround to see that my dad’s and grandfather’s pyro gene has ignited in yt another generation. however, as a responsible father and critic of fishing strategies, I do not approve, recommend or otherwise suggest the use of concussive device as a part of the consumate fishing experience. I must also note that the current senior member sof the Forbes/Sele clan advise that the manufacture of explosives is against the law and should never be done in drafty rooms while smoking cigarettes or native American or native southern Californian herbs.

    Dangerously yours,
    Jim Forbes (father of the July 15 Forbes commenter on this blog.)

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