My whereabouts – July 5 – 13

I’m on Cape Cod today, off to Berlin for the World Cup Finals tomorrow night, in Berlin through Monday then back directly to RTP through Thursday. I’ll be out of pocket over the weekend, but attempting to blog from Germany on the spectacle (thanks Yahoo for the invitation!).

The Cape has calmed down from a very busy long holiday weekend. I’ve never seen the village so busy in my life, but this morning things have quieted down to the usual summer pace. I tried to fish yesterday afternoon with my cousin Pete, but didn’t feel too into it. The head injury sort of limits my time in the sun (bright lights induces the migraines), but we hung out on the island and watched the first Cotuit Skiff race of the year. All my cycling buddies gathered on the front lawn yesterday to watch the parade and I got to tell the tale of my Memorial Day crash. Despite their urgings to get back on the bike, my wife was not amused.

The weekend’s events included:

  • Saturday night clambake
  • Sunday christening of my niece
  • Monday:
  • Town hearing over the liquor license of the local saloon (I spoke, further confirming my descent into the status of “Grumpy Old Mr. Churbuck.”)
  • Fireworks over the harbor
  • Fourth of July parade, fishing expedition, and skiff race
  • Today I’m packing for the trip, trying to get some work done (difficult to find out which colleagues are on vacation and which are not), pull some online advertising numbers together, and push some stalled projects along.

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    1. ~~Get your jack boots ahiny~~
      ~~Head out to the Wolfs Lair~~
      ~~Looking for a blitzkreig~~
      ~~or whatever comes your way~~

      ~Born to go blogging, Born to go BLogging~~

      At your command, der Blog furher~~

      der unter sturben furhere

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