Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger » Matt Cutts, of Google, on metrics

Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger » Matt Cutts, of Google, on metrics
Scoble talks about metrics and their biases. His point on “influential” users versus inert users (my term) is well taken.

This is a real important point for marketers to understand. If you’re going to use metrics to make decisions you need to understand the biases those metrics have. Not to mention that an influential user (which is what weren’t being measured by the company Matt is talking about) is worth a LOT more than one who doesn’t tell anyone, or isn’t seen as an expert by his/her friends.

Speaking of which, I wish I had better metrics at I wish I knew how many listeners we REALLY have. Or, whether the people who download a file actually listen to it. Or, whether they listen to the whole file, or just part of it.

Podcasting and video podcasting won’t be taken seriously as businesses until we figure this stuff out. Advertisers want proof that their money is spent well.

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  1. Wondering if iTunes keeps track of what people actually listen to & for how long, once they download it. I believe they can & do (thinking of the “most played” function)… who knows if they would provide those types of metrics to the content providers…maybe at a cost?

  2. it’s possible with current analytics tools to get data that speaks to the attention economy and what i call “attention-oriented” monetization models. the challenge is using the right rich media technology and building the pages to support analytics before the fact, not after, which can be a challenge at organizations that aren’t lead by people who understand current internet technology, how to deploy it, and how to lead with it.

    this whole notion is “back to the future” for me. attention orientation is the bailiwick of traditional media providers and analysts.

    when i wonder what the future holds, i see mindset marketing, behavioral targeting and automatic optimization, across a fragemented cross media mix that meshes together tv, radio, mobile, internet, and more media with a medley of competing rev models, cpm, cpa, cpc, ppc, ppp, ptt, and so on.

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