Flip turn

Rainy weekend on Cape Cod thanks to Tropical Storm Ernesto, so, figuring I’d rather be remembered as a loving, caring father than hang around Cotuit cleaning out garages, I am about to drive my eldest to New York City to start his sophmore year at NYU.

And come straight back.

That’s 250 miles door-to-door and back again. Nine hours on the road. Fun. Well, time to play Labor Day Traffic Roulette, turn on the radar detector, charge the cell phone, fill up the tank and load the CD player.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “Flip turn”

  1. ~~Get Your SVU running~~
    ~~Headed down the highway~~
    ~~Looking for the NYU off ramp~~
    ~~Hopin’It comes your way~~

    ~~Born to pay tuition~~
    ~~But ain’t lacking inhibition~~
    ~~Launching all the babies~~
    ~~Gonna be successful, ain’t gonna be no maybes~~

    Tell ee-le-iot I said John Ford rules and he should start thinking about spending his summers scouting locations and scripts for a kick ass western.

    Have fun

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