Whereabouts August 27-Sept 1

Right now I am in the Dulles Hilton, victim of a missed connection last night that would have had me home by now. I am zen, took the voucher, ate a cheeseburger at the bar, saw the Sox spanked the Yanks, drank two Sierra Nevada’s went to bed and dreamt of missed plane connections .;… the kind where the concourse gets longer as I run down it weighed down by bags of dirty laundry, phone chargers, cameras, laptops, reading glasses …..

I’ll be home by noon. Depending on the weather, I expect to use the rest of this week to decompress from Beijing, finish an human resources project, plan for a workshop in Bangalore early next month, write my keynote for the Folio show in Chicago, and think about, but not commit to a final week or two of summer vacation around the end of September on the Vineyard (highly unlikely). Long weekend is here, my two oldest are already back at college, youngest starts high school in a week or so. Weird, it’s going to be like coming to home to the fairgrounds after the circus has left town, some evidence of the party will remain, some scraps blowing across the midway, but no clowns or performers …..

So, friends and colleagues. You can safely phone me now without worrying if you will be waking me up.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Marco Polo should have had your technology and ‘sperience, David.
    it’s going to be fun for youto get home.
    Oh, the number of Ms Forbes’ great grand puppies visiting Rancho Bizarro while I’m in vegas hs doubled and now includes aa strange leaping terrier dude.

    Welcome home to Estados Unidos, Senor!


  2. Welcome home David…if your boat finds you in Tashmoo this weekend, drop me a line for a cold beverage

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