Winter projects under consideration

Okay, I have a book to write (two actually) and tuitions to pay. But I’m looking for some weekend projects to keep me sane over the next eight months. Three come to mind, all are nautical in nature, all require some new skills to be learned.

1. A strip built kayak. I want to build a cedar strip kayak using the WEST epoxy system. This has been proposed before to Mrs. Churbuck with a negative reaction. This will tax the patience of my woodworking capable friends, whose tools I will need to borrow. Plus — the final product is pretty. Minus — time, cost, smell, and space.

2. New spars and rudder for my Cotuit Skiffs. I need two new masts, new gaffs and new booms. Good buddy Dr. Del Vecchio has some experience here. This involves gluing long strips of spruce together and then planing it down into a nice round spar. Upside — seems simple. Downside, time, expense, lack of woodworking expertise.

3. Rebuild an old Churbuck Cotuit Skiff.

I have an offer from the Lowell family to take #28 and rebuild it. This is a massive, multi-year job. Pros: my grandfather built it. Cons: I have no idea what I am doing. As Cousin Pete says, “A Churbuck with a tool in his hand is a dangerous thing.”

Here’s the boat in question. I will go visit it on Friday. So many things to do, so little time. I can’t wait until I can retire.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. how about start riding your bike again? oh right, i get it, these are just ploys so you get permission to riding your bike again, good thinking.

  2. I dunno on the bike thing. A little freaked out still, even moreso after Dr. Dan saw a 50 year old helicoptered off to Boston last weekend with two broken vertebrae and a cerebral clot after getting taken out by a lady driving a pick-up truck. I’ll post about my future cycling career (or lack thereof) but yes, if I want to get back on the bike I need permission from the boss who is not listening to my pleas.

  3. I’d start with number 2 as a warm up. Schedule it out for a few weeks to completion or create realistic goals. Once you have the “tool” thing under control, start planning for number 3. And for your own piece of mind, make sure there’s a dedicated place to keep it, away from where Mrs. C. will see it regularly to curse you out.

  4. Good plan. I need to first build a shelter for the boat so the snows don’t turn it into mush. Then to move onto the spars and see if I can save my fingers from the power planer.

    Hey Paul, how’s the erging going?

  5. have you considered retirement? you can always sell a kid off for medical research to help off set tuition obligations. the real beauty ofd retirement is that you can put off any decisions even farther out.


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