Most excellent example of comments in a blog I have ever seen

Jack Slocum’s Blog » WordPress Comments System built with Yahoo! UI

My post over the weekend about missing some vital Lenovo mentions in the comments of blogs that I track yielded some excellent suggestions from faithful readers about various plug-ins and options to gain better insights into the sentiments of peanut gallery. Rick Klau at Feedburner, Mitch Ratcliffe at BuzzLogic, and Chris Murray, ex-of-CXO all chimed in with good pointers.

Then I find this baby. Jack Slocum took advantage of Yahoo’s open architecture and built a comment tool for WordPress that is to blogs what David Foster Wallace is to footnotes. Check out the expandable nav bar on the left. The ability to drop a comment on a specific point in a blog post. I am totally freaked and want it.


Dan Lyons is blogging

About Dan Lyons « Floating Point

This is old-home week in Blogistan as two ex-PC Week reporters — first Rob O’Regan and now Dan Lyons — fire up blogs and start doing their thing. Dan and I were buddies in high school, worked together at the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune where he was renowned for his demented coverage of the hillbillies of southern New Hampshire (Ernie the Tire King of Atkinson, etc.), then we worked together at PC Week on the business desk under Susan Carlson (Susan: “This is a really big story.” Dan: “So I’ll use really big words.”) and eventually Forbes, where I recruited Dan in and he promptly pissed off the ex-CEO of Lotus, setting off a magnificent firestorm. I left, he stayed. Read his novel “Dog Days” for the funniest description of office life I have ever read.

“Dan Lyons is a senior editor at Forbes magazine, covering enterprise computing and consumer electronics. He is also the author, last fall, of the much-maligned Forbes cover article, “Attack of the Blogs.” Now he’s blogging. Funny old world, isn’t it?”

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