The Third Moment of Truth

The Third Moment of Truth

Pete Blackshaw is smart:

“Take the idea of opening up literally: open the brand door and put out a friendly welcome mat. Make every consumer who knocks on the door feel important and empowered. Co-create a response in the form of an answer, an acknowledgement, a thank you, a solution, or, in some cases, a form of compensation for their willingness to share their ideas and suggestions with you. Do this even if there’s a wee bit of incremental cost in making the effort. Trust me, it’s more efficient than the way we throw paid media at consumers, and it targets efficiently against influencers.”

Quality vs. Clicks « Magnosticism

Content: Quality vs. Clicks « Magnosticism

Rob O’Regan is bemoaning the decline of editorial standards in a click-driven world. I hear him, I commented over there about what’s driving it. But it occurs to me that good content is rising to the top. I’d point at zeFrank as an example of excellence in emerging media or GigaOm. The victims in this world are in traditional media who can’t get beyond the dying page view model.

Excellence lives, but it’s gone freelance.

IE 7.0 is available and I don’t care

As any reader of this blog who uses IE will attest, I could care less about Microsoft Internet Explorer as indicated by the sad state of this blog’s WordPress template and the breakage that occurs when the right sidebar gets lumped at the bottom of the page. If I cared I’d fix it.

And I don’t care. In fact I have little interest anymore in cross-browser compatibility. This is a sad commentary on how selfish I have become in my singular view that world needs to be using FireFox. When I run across perfectly intelligent users who were on past versions of IE, and try to demonstrate how to use – to open links in a tab, only to see nothing happen I throw up my hands and question how anyone can operate without tabs.

So, someday soon my Windows Updater is going to suck down IE 7 and I’ll look at it, but I certainly don’t feel compelled to rush to Microsoft’s site to download a copy manually. For a page designer/usability geek, IE needs to be their primary interface for page checking; for me, as a selfish/self-centered user and operator, Firefox will continue and I look forward to the release of 2.0

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