Decking the Turkey

Vacation has commenced from now until after T-giving. Will be the first time the immediate nuclear family has been together since early September — the college student arrived tonight, the prep school student tomorrow morning — so much cooking, gardening, clamming, and beach walks for the next ten days. Received approval for one of the most cool projects in my career earlier today, so I will be online and blogging through next week trying to build a project plan and budget.

Thinking of a Plimoth Plantation visit early in the week due to curiosity from what I read from Nathaniel Philbrick last summer in the Mayflower. My family has lived in Southeastern Massachusetts since the middle of the 17th century and I don’t know much about those antecedents, swamp Yankees from around Bridgewater and Middleton down to Wareham.

Once the fish leave and the weather goes nasty, weekends tend to focus on “educational” road trips to the assorted whaling museums and other historica around the area. That and forced marches through the salt marshes and beaches of the Cape.

11rom now till the 26th of November: Cotuit

11.27 NYC

11.28-30 RTP

12.1 Sarasota

12.2-4 Cotuit

12.5 Atlanta

12.6 Newport Beach