Whereabouts week of 2.5

2.5-2.6 NYC

2.7 Cotuit

2.8 Cotuit/Boston

2.9-2.11 Cotuit

All of this is conditional of my being able to walk upright after twanging my back yet again this morning while pushing a wheelbarrow full of firewood across the frozen yard. I am now out of it on cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxant) and doing stretches on the floor inbetween calls to chiropractors looking for a Sunday “unlocking” before jumping on train tomorrow morn.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Ice heat and walk.this is the perfect time to make good on your new year’s yoga resolution. Next time pay.your kids to bring the firewood in. After 5 years of degenerative disc, believe me when I say your days of deadlifts like that are over. All you will do is make it worse.

    Pick up the book “relief is in the stretch” on Amazon too. *steps down from pulpit*

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