Whereabouts week of Oct. 1

10.1 – Cotuit

10.2 – Cotuit to North Carolina

10.3 – North Carolina

10.4 – North Carolina to Cotuit

10.5-10.7 – Cotuit

Coming off of vacation this week, Blackberry has kept me semi-in-touch so not too bad a transition back into the flow of work. Big reviews this week, some projects to push forward, and tons of extracurricular loose ends to tie up. Week after looks like Cape, then Chicago for Forrester Consumer conference, week after that North Carolina for global interactive summit.

When was the last time you listened to a podcast?

Me? Over six months,  maybe more.

In 2005 at IDG I was way into podcasts, working out a production system for a steady flow of shows from the CIO, CSO and CMO magazine staffs (thanks to the diligence of people like Art Jahnke and Paul Kerstein, both of whom have also moved on from IDG to other gigs), getting into the hardware and software required to audio enable a digital newsroom.

On my iPod I faithfully subscribed and synched and listened to the Gillmor Gang, Christopher Lydon’s Open Source radio show, Sam Whitmore’s weekly shows, Ricky Gervais, even shows about bicycles, Byzantine history and learning Chinese. I was way into Podcasts,  thought they were a fine thing and a good thing and now …

I never listen to them anymore, detect no buzz whatsoever, and wonder if anyone gives a hoot. What think ye? Are podcasts relevant anymore?

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