On the water again — winter sculling

It’s so strange to be rowing in February that I feel compelled to note the news that I circumnavigated Grand Island this morning in my second row of 2008. Maybe it was the two dozen copies of the book that arrived yesterday, maybe it was the flat-as-glass conditions, I am inspired and any time I can get off of the erg and on the water is a good day indeed.

I also learned I can stand in 35 degree water in barefeet and absolutely feel no pain or cold. This is either a good thing or an indication that I am turning into wood from the ground up.

I was paranoid the whole row, worried I’d smack a winter mooring stick, flip the boat, and go into massive heart attack mode or turn blue from hypothermia. This makes me wonder what the risk analysis would be by an actuary if trying to decide which was worst for me — cycling the byways of Cape Cod or sculling over its waterways?

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. an actuary would just throw up his hands in frustration.
    Jesus, sculling in 35 degree water? What’s next, swimming with ice cubes in your arm pits to stay awake?


  2. OK – – I’m jealous. Erging on the patio. Considering moving south.

    Congrats on the fourth edition.

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