Capturing The Demand Curve « Cheaper than therapy

Capturing The Demand Curve « Cheaper than therapy
Ben the Lip — Uncle Fester — blogs cogently about the future of the music industry:

“From the artist viewpoint, there are a few priorities:

1. Make money
2. Get music into the hands of fans
3. Don’t rip-off the fans”

Is the future of the music industry contained on this screen?

The State of the Magazine Giveaway Rack

At the US Airways Shuttle lounge in Boston, proof I am happy to have left the magazine business in 1994. These are the giveaways and their cover art– the rags in the bin when you absolutely, positively have nothing to read:

  • The Absolute Sound (picture of a stereo speaker!)
  • Ebony (Michael Jackson — looking butch)
  • HR (Neil Gaiman. Right. Him)
  • Pool & Spa Living (a swimming pool)
  • Latin Finance (cartoon, dude with a flag)
  • Laptop (HOT GEAR)
  • PC (Best Mobile Services)
  • Dream (A kid)
  • Washington (A dude with two women looking pre-kinky)
  • The American (that big Chinese basketball dude with the tag “Glo-BALL-ization, get it?)
  • Stylus (who knows)
  • Real Estate Portfolio (six average white guys)
  • Luxury Spa Finder (semi-clad lady in a bathtub)

May your circulation swell and your BPA audit be a smooth one. In the 30 minutes I sat here, only one magazine got snagged — an issue of LAPTOP by two people. Two other  people looked and walked away, doubtlessly sad about the trees.