Got on the water this morning — it was too smooth to ignore and the temps are positively spring-like. Being inspired by the crocus and grape hyacinth, I donned ye olde spandex and lugged the Empacher down the hill to the hahbah.

Being a fat f%$k, this not one of my finer rows. Here are the numbers:

8054 meters in 55 minutes, 30 seconds (I do this course in 38 minutes when I am fit) with 1167 strokes. I stopped a lot due to … of all things …. shin splints!

Went by some clammers — commercial guys — and shot the breeze for a while. A quahogger off of Bay Lane in Osterville agreed that you can’t buy a spring day on the water like we had today.

Bluetoothed Borg — how to share one headset with two devices

So, if you were here at Churbuck Central this morning, you’d be giving me grief for being a geek with not one of those mark-of-a-loser wireless headsets stuck in one ear … but two — stereo headsets, one in the left and one in the right.

The one in the left talks to the BlackBerry phone. It is a BlueAnt Z9 and I like it because it goes in my ear, not over it, like the Motorola H700 on my right ear which talks to my X61 Tablet and Skype and rests on top of my ear.

The BlueAnt is great for noisy situations. The Motorola … I’ve had it for sometime.

So why two? Well, I can’t figure out how to easily divide one head set between two apps — cell phone and Skype. Any suggestions?

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