Opening Day

Traffic into the city was brutal late morning (writing this from Logan on my way to RTP), I guess because its Opening Day for the Sox and they get their World Series rings for last fall’s victory.

I hope I won’t be blocked from watching this afternoon on I dropped $75 for the service and suspect it is not going to be of much help during home games.

Anyway, play ball!

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Wait a minute. You paid money to watch baseball? David, is that you? Did the pod people get to you? My world just got a little weirder.

  2. I was rather annoyed to find that while I can get the game over the radio for free, if I want to listen to it streaming, I have to drop $14.95.

    And then there’s that awesome streaming audio experience (they use livestream, which is full of hiccups).

  3. Well, radio would annoy me too. But when in North Carolina, it was pretty nice to watch the NESN broadcast via TV. I took the season package and expect to be very annoyed by the blackout rules, but for day games, it was awesome.

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